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Sunday, August 1, 2010

SEE Calgary

smart at the falls Wow, what can I say about the SMART Exemplary conference in Calgary, Canada.  First of all they treated us like we were the most special people in the world.  Second I made fifty new friends.  Third I got some new tools for my classroom. Fourth I have a new project to work on.  Fifth I reaffirmed my 21st century goals.  Lastly I can say that I am going to spend this year reaching out to others and trying to share my knowledge on how to use technology to inspire the students in their classrooms.

In my district we live in a bubble.  I learned from the other SEE’s that in my district we don’t have to be afraid of the students knifing us but we also do not have a unified vision of how technology should be used in the classroom.  I hope to help foster this with my fellow teachers.  Our students want it, need it, and deserve it.

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