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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No edtech for me

At the end of the year, this is how I feel after many discussions with the other educators that I work with.  I know that they have little time for a life, I know that new tools are hard to explore and figure out how to use and incorporate, and I know that they are essentially dedicated teachers.  But when I hear them say that they can’t teach math at a certain level, or that they need their new textbooks to teach with or the students will be lost, or that they never use their computer at home for school work, then I am mystified about how they can ever really become great educators that students can follow and identify with.  I am inspired by Ms. Francisco on many levels.

She has identified my frustrations but she has also inspired me to use these tools to create instructive materials for my students and to have my students create with them.  I have passed on her information to aspiring students that want to be teachers and I my goal is to inspire at least some of the teachers in my district to explore edtech and its uses with students, parents, and their own personal growth.

People should explore her blogs and I know that they will be inspired by the things she relates and the people that she is connected to.