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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a fun Guy?

ani-bot So, one of my goals for this summer is to organize my lessons and create a Google site for my students to use to enhance their studies. Another goal is to set up a Google site for the teachers in my district of web sites they might find useful in the classroom with their students and to for them to use to grow as educators, and my final goal is to get together with other teachers and be a mentor for them.  I am going to meet with a teacher next week and I am very excited.  We are going to look at how she can use her smart board and cps system in the 3rd grade.  If anybody else would like a personal mentor for a day, please let me know.  I am free and willing.

I have also decided that my students are going to focus on reading comprehension in science and interpreting data next year.  So I am beginning today to set up lessons and activities that will focus on this.  One day a week is going to be spent on these activities.  As well as math in science.  I think that I already do this but I am going to make it a focus this year.  Hopefully, this will help them on the 8th grade state test.  We will see.  I make myself these promises and then I get side tracked by all the other fun things that I want to do, like model building, labs, group work, and projects using the web.  I want to blog, glog, and google site it as well.