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Monday, February 15, 2010

Great for kindergarten  Check this out.  I got this from my blogging group.  ( This has been the best PLN group that I have connected up with.  It is really the only one but I am thrilled that Ms. Tenkely has taken pity on me from ilearntechnology.  I am learning new things nightly.


twitter handbook for teachers

Should teachers use twitter?  Here is a twitter handbook for teachers.   Check it out and see if you learn anything that you can use in the classroom.

News for tweens

Another great resource.  Up-to-date news for tweens.  Easily accessible for students and interesting too.

Example of Using a glog


This is a must visit glog.  Very interactive and well done.

I bet the students loved doing this and the parents must

have been excited to access this to see what their students

were doing at school.