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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The No Tech Meeting So YOU Will Pay Attention

I absolutely agree with this column.  We limit ourselves and our students if we can not access technology to help us learn.  I am a professional and can multitask.  Please do not tell me how best to interact with new material.  Likewise, if we do not train our students to use technology to enhance their performance in all settings than we are sending very mixed messages.

Check out the following ideas from ‘The Innovative Educator’.

Here are a dozen ideas to update meetings followed by a description of each.

  1. Wiffiti and Twitter Enable You to Connect with Participants
  2. and Twitter Allow You to Put Together A Professional Meeting Daily
  3. Camera Phones and Flickr Allow You  to Efficiently Capture Notes and Ideas
  4. Google Spreadsheets Allows You to Stop Wasting Time and Paper
  5. Learning Networks Enable You to Efficiently Capture, Collect, Reflect, and Respond to Ideas
  6. Texting, BBM, Crunch, etc. Promote the Sharing and Processing of Ideas
  7. Back-Channeling for Instant Feedback and Meaning Making
  8. Twitter  Allows You to Connect Globally
  9. Google Docs  and Twitter Make for Powerful Global Collaboration
  10. uStream Brings Meetings to Those Who Can’t Attend Face-2-Face
  11. iPads and Dropbox Make for an Efficient and Paperless Environment
  12. Taking a Minute to Honor Technology