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Saturday, January 16, 2010

teachers that use technology in the classroom

These are blogs of teachers that use technology tools to enhance learning in the classroom.  Check out what they are doing.

Check out the following wiki for relevant guides on “How to’s”

Using wallwisher in history.

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Are you learning anything new that you can use in your future classrooms?

Tech news

Tech News Vol 3 Jan 2010I created this in power point and then saved it as a pdf and then I uploaded it to and then I embeded to by blog.  What do you think of using this tool?  

Story bird

Moving through my membrane............. Passive and Active Transport by mwinter on StorybirdStorybird is an online publishing tool.  This would be fun for students to create with and then publish to a blog so that others can enjoy their work.

Digital Natives by mwinter on StorybirdHere is an example of and digital story telling.

What do you think of this tool