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Saturday, January 16, 2010

teachers that use technology in the classroom

These are blogs of teachers that use technology tools to enhance learning in the classroom.  Check out what they are doing.

Check out the following wiki for relevant guides on “How to’s”

Using wallwisher in history.


Mrs. Tenkely said...

Thank you for sharing these, it is always fun to take a peek inside another classroom to find out what they are doing!

Melissa Edwards said...

I have just learned about wallwisher. I have been collecting things about it and examples of how it has been used. Thanks for sharing!

Ann Carnevale said...

Thanks for the link to the how-to wiki. I'm in the process of revising my department site to include links to various how-to guides, so those will come in handy.

I love Wallwisher, especially because it can be moderated, which is always a concern for my teachers.