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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I found this at .  I intend to share it with my 8th graders on the last day of school.  I hope that it makes them think and maybe inspire them to find their own creative ‘beast’ over the summer.  We give them so many rules and definitions for the first eight years of school and then we are shocked when they cannot think outside of the box.  I even found this to be true this year with college students.  They want to know how to get an ‘A’.  Therefore, they do just the bare minimum and do not renegotiate the terms of what needs to be done.  As an educator I am looking for the essential elements in any assignment that I give but I am also looking for the new and exciting twist that shows personality and creativity.  This might just be using color on a poster, adding a different element, or whatever to take the project to the next level.  Very rarely do I find students excited about what they turn in.  When a student is excited by their final project then I am too and it gives me hope that we have not killed off all of their creativity with our list of essential knowledge we think that they must have.  In any year there are a few, however that inspire me and they are not always the straight A’s.